How To Sell With No Money Paid Upfront

Most people would agree that anytime you pay money and get nothing back you’re getting ripped off. Yet in real estate it’s normal. They call it VPA, vendor paid advertising.

Many agents will not even accept your business unless you agree to pay them upfront for ads that often do little more than expand the agents profile (ego). If the house doesn’t sell, your money is gone and you’re left with no result to show for it. Typical agents see it as commitment from a motivated seller. We see it as needless risk.

Modern marketing is brilliant but it needs to include much more than a simple ad on a real estate advertising website. A synergistic approach with multiple channels of enquiry can create competition between buyers that will lead to a higher price. But because there are many facets to a sale there is never a guarantee that there will be any response to a single ad.

To avoid risk and keep your hard earned money safe the rule is very simple;

Don’t pay any money until you’re happily sold.

At HART’s Real Estate we know how to sell property. In fact we are so confident in our world class marketing strategies that we don’t ask for any money upfront at all. Our first goal is a sale you’re happy with, all else comes second. We know happy clients refer their friends and family to us and that helps us build a good reputation which is way more important than the profile that any amount of advertising could possibly provide.

When it comes to marketing we can do everything that other agents do plus two things they can’t. We have designed two internal structures that minimise time wasting ‘lookers’ and multiply the number of genuine buyers. In fact we can guarantee you access to some very special buyers that other agents don’t even know exist.

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