The Outside Matters Too!

When selling your property, first impressions create permanent opinions. Do your best to create a positive mood for all prospective purchasers. And remember, the outside of your property matters too.

Begin by sweeping the footpath in front of your property. Remove all rubbish from the gutters. Clear the letterbox of junk-mail. If you have a lawn, do your best to make sure it is not bone-dry. Green grass is appealing and a sprinkler does wonders to most lawns, a bit hard with water restrictions, I know!

If you have a gate, make sure it doesn’t squeak. If your front fence needs repair, it might be better to demolish it. If the buyers see a potential expense, they either won’t buy or they will expect a reduction in your price. Clean the paths and the outside of your property to remove dust and cobwebs (close your windows first). And clean the windows so that they sparkle; few things are as ugly as dirty windows. Make sure there is no paint flaking. You may not have to repaint, but at least scrape off any loose paint pieces.

Flowers do wonders for the front of a property; and the brighter the better. They create a homely look. You can get flowers for any season. Daffodils, pansies, petunias – go to the local nursery and ask for advice. Buy flowers in pots if you don’t have much lawn, and make sure they are displayed in two places: near the street and near your front door.

You want buyers to fall in love with your property, so give it that loved look. At the front door, have a thick door-mat with welcome on it. It sounds corny, but it feels good. It is friendly; it feels like home. Make sure that the screen door is working. Have a door-knocker or a bell with pleasant chimes. If you have a door bell make sure it works. If people come to your home in the evening, have the welcome light on. When buyers arrive, you want them to think, This looks nice. By the time they reach your front door, you want them to think, This feels nice. I like it!

Neat, clean and friendly are the first steps to making your home attractive from the outside. Create an appeal that says, Welcome. Come inside.

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