Our Price Guarantee

One of the most frustrating parts of being in real estate is watching good people sign up with agents that get poor results. They are bad agents.

Initially sellers call out a few agents, they want someone to find them a buyer and get the best price possible. As they meet them they all look the same and say similar things so usually they just pick the most enthusiastic (price), even though things may not feel 100% right.

The biggest liar just got the job. If only people trusted their instincts more.

Most people have a rough idea of what their home is worth but naturally they want as much as possible. So when an agent quotes a price that’s a little too optimistic they want to believe it. In hope that it’s possible they start telling themselves that, “you can always come down but you can’t go up”.

Unfortunately hope is not a method. High sale prices come from highly skilled negotiators not high asking prices.

If houses were a commodity like wheat, same size houses would sell for same size prices but they don’t. Home buyers are emotional. They want a house that feels good to them, one that feels like home. It’s worth paying extra to get the right home.

Good negotiators get tens of thousands of dollars more for sellers.

At the time of listing every agent will promise you a high price so how do you tell which one can get you the highest price? At HART’s Real Estate we have a way to prove it. In fact we guarantee it. We can even show you before you sign with us.

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