How To Choose An Agent

1. Alignment.

Have you ever been on a team where things just flowed? When people value the same things, they act together in rapport and, things just seem to go smoothly. Imagine, if you could, having an agent on your side that wanted the same things you wanted.

First, we have to know what we want. So ask yourself, “In the context of working with an agent to get a successful sale, faster, what’s important to me? What else? What else?”

Write a shortlist of at least three or more important elements. Now, of the items on this list, which is the most important? And of the remaining items which is most important?

Once you have re written your list in the order of true importance, we know what to observe about the agent outside of all the words they use.

**Struggling? Try this mental relaxation technique. Sit down, look slightly upward and allow the awareness of your whole surroundings to come into view. Breathe in deeply and exhale as slowly as you possibly can. Do this two or three times. Think of the process of selling, and all that’s involved, how would you like it to be? What’s most important to you?

2. Two Kinds Of Agents To Consider:

The top performer & the hungry chaser. Salespeople are incentive driven and we need them to be great at negotiating on our behalf and be willing to turn up with their ‘A game’ when it counts most.

For you, does it make more sense to shortlist the three highest selling agents in your area or the agents that you already know, the ones that keep chasing you with the calls & door knocks?

Great … short list at least 3 of those agents. Make the list. Give them a call and invite them over.

TIP: a. There’s a section on for finding agents and how many properties they sell in each suburb.

b. Self-question: Which agent has called you most over the years?

3. Notice Everything.

The way they answer the phone. The shift, or not, in voice tone when they realise, you’re selling. Did they call you back, did they confirm, did they show up on time?

Are they polite, scattered, rushed, busy excusing themselves for answering their mobile phones? Is their focus on themselves and how good they are, or on you?

Did they overstay their welcome, did you enjoy their company, do you trust them? If you feel comfortable with them, then maybe the right buyer will too.

4. Attributes.

The best sale is when the buyer doesn’t even know they’ve been sold. And it’s usually because the salesperson didn’t ‘sell’ at all. They helped the customer buy. People want to buy things all the time, but no one likes to be pressured or ‘sold’ to. Great salespeople, like experts in any profession, have similar behaviours. Enthusiasm

Positive world view

They focus on the people they’re with

Their actions speak louder than their words

They do it … now. Urgency is key.

They desire to be worthwhile

They want to impress you

They want to achieve


They’re likeable

5. Hire Slow, Fire Fast.

The first part is easy, take your time and ask; Is this agent the right fit for us? Do they make sense, does it feel like the right decision, can we see them making the sale? Even with this extra insight It’s still possible to get it wrong. I’ve seen it many times but I’ve only ever heard one slippery sales guy boast, “Sales is the art of faking sincerity.” This is the worst evolution of a salesperson. Not just because of the lack of integrity but because it’s so hard to pick before you sign on the dotted line. Whether it's five minutes after signing or five months, if it comes to you, ignore the feeling of sunk cost syndrome. Just fire them, instantly. The very best time to fire your agent is the very first time it crosses your mind. Read Malcolm Gladwell’s book ‘Blink’. We intuitively know what has to be done even before we consciously have enough evidence to justify it.

Trust your gut. If its time to go, it’s time to go.

6. Set Your Terms

Great agents love to achieve, they love to perform. They back themselves 100%. So, if they really are ‘all that’ they wont mind if you retain control by requesting a cancellation clause in the Listing Agreement.

“We’d like to be able to cancel anytime. Can we add that to the agreement please?” You’re looking for a confident reply, “Yes.” Not some sort of ‘I’ll wiggle out of this somehow’ rhetoric about how every agreement can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, blah, blah. No. Cancel anytime means … any time.

What else would you like? What else do you expect from the very best agent?

You’ll notice I haven’t focussed much on the price the agent estimates or the fees they quote. These are important aspects to the sale, but you’ll end up with more money in your pocket and a successful sale, faster even with the wrong price and the wrong fee so long as you have the right agent.


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