7 Reasons To Sell

Why sell?

Why always comes before how. There’s no point knowing all about ‘how to sell’ unless there’s a really good reason why you should sell.

With real estate, the benefit of selling is almost always emotional. Sure, you might be upsizing because when you first bought the home as a young couple you agreed that if you had children you’d need a bigger place. The benefit is the hope of happier kids with their own rooms and a yard to play in.

You might be thinking, “No mate, I NEED to sell. I lost my job four months ago and the only one I could find since pays a lot less. I’ve chewed through all my savings trying to keep up with the mortgage and now the bank is knocking on the door, there’s no emotional benefit here, I’d rather stay but I just cant afford it anymore.” Are you kidding me? The emotional weight of unpaid bills, huge debt, the loss of pride and towering levels of stress is soul piercing.

The cause of the sale might be financial reasons but think of how much better you’ll feel once you are living within your means again.

Here are seven common reasons for selling;

1. Births / Deaths 2. Marriage / Divorce 3. Financial gain / loss 4. Upsize 5. Downsize 6. Job relocation 7. Retirement

Two signs of success are money and happiness. Because we don’t walk around with our bank balances stapled to our foreheads we view nice houses and cars as emblems of success. They make us feel proud. Don’t let false pride stop you from experiencing life’s best bi-product. Happiness comes from different areas for different people, but so far I’ve never met anyone with way too much debt that is explosively happy because of it. However I’ve met dozens of joyous people that have taken a quick financial back-step in order to recover and take two steps forward real soon. Are you living well within your means?

I’ve also met a few nomads, people that just seem to sell and buy every few years. It seems to help occupy them. Whatever the reason, be really sure it’s what you want to do.

What hope do you see on the horizon when your house is finally sold? Whatever it is a good agent will make sure there’s a worthwhile benefit for you first, not just try and sign you up.


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