How Much Do We Charge?

100% Negotiable.

The very first principle of negotiation states that ‘everything is negotiable’. We guarantee this will hold true when discussing our fees too. Our job is to get the highest price from the buyer, if we can’t do that then we are not worth our fee. Competition has never been a bad thing so we are certainly open to having our service and rates compared with others and negotiating a fair fee. We are so confident that our agents will negotiate a great price for your house that you will almost want to pay us extra.

Cheapest Net Rate.

Everyone wants a good deal and most people are very wary of the real estate industry’s dicey reputation. No-one wants to be trapped into paying too much and feeling ripped off. So here at HART’s Real Estate we guarantee, that when you take into consideration the extra money we’ve been able to negotiate from the buyer on the sale price, our fee will be the cheapest net commission rate available, bar none.

Free till Sold.

At HART’s Real Estate there will never be any money to pay for any reason until you are happily sold. Many agents request upfront payment for advertising costs, we vehemently oppose this. It is up to the agent to find a buyer, how they do it and what they spend should be up to them.

The highest sale price and the lowest expenses means the best in value for you.

Don’t miss out on extra money in your pocket by hiring someone else, click the INSTANT RESPONSE button and have one of our best salespeople call you right now.

You Get What You…

The most common mistake most sellers make is; choosing an agent based on their fee. Sales is an incentive driven business and top performers always want to be rewarded for excellent results. The difference between a ‘cheap agent’ and a ‘dear agent’ on a $500,000 sale is probably about $5,000. The biggest difference in sold price I’ve personally witnessed between two comparable houses in that median range is just over $83,000.

The value of an agent is what he can GET you, not what he costs you.

To help people avoid this mistake we ask for the opportunity to show you what we can do for you before we discuss our fees. So you have had the opportunity to see and discuss our complete marketing and sales process.

This makes certain that a well informed decision can be made and you can become another raving fan that is so happy with the net dollar amount left in your pocket that you are also happy with our fee.

If you are doing some rough figures to see if it is worth selling, the average fee for the real estate industry ranges between 2.5% – 3.5% plus advertising costs between $500 – $5,000. (This is not what we charge)

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