How To Avoid The #1 Trap For Sellers.

These two questions are the start of what many sellers find a stressful and frustrating process of dealing with agents that often get described afterwards as incompetent and dishonest.

How much is my house worth? How much will you charge me to sell it?

In order to impress you, typical untrained agents lie about the value of the home and cut their fees. Then they lock you into a long listing agreement and begin telling you why your house is not worth what they promised you.

Now you’re trapped with a dud agent.

You see most agents are paid ‘commission only’ and to get paid they have to win the business. So asking what seems like perfectly reasonable questions actually leads agents who are desperate for cash toward inflating asking prices, excessive advertising costs, too much wasted time on the market and disappointing sale prices.

Great results are often born from great questions. Why not ask these two questions instead?

How much more than other agents can you get me in my hand? Can you prove it in writing before I sign up with you?

The sales team here at HART’s Real Estate are paid secure salaries plus bonuses for high performance. They are able to tell the truth and care for their clients best interests without fear of financial loss.

If you’re thinking of selling and would like us to show you the unique systems we’ve designed to get you more and cost you less, call 0433 127 127 right now.

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